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Software Capabilities
We are official Microsoft™ developers and can help you with your Device Drivers, Active X Controls and Application software.  iO Engineering uses the latest development and debugging tools to speed up the development process and assure reliability.
Device Driver
We have experience writing drivers for Windows Vista, XP, 2000 and Pocket PC or Windows Mobile. We have over 13 years designing Stream Class, Mini-port and custom drivers for a variety of different applications. We have written drivers for devices on all busses including PCI, PCI-E, USB, 1394, PCMCIA and Cardbus.
The device driver loads when your hardware is plugged in and is recognized by Windows. The driver gives an application a path to read and write the hardware to update registers or acquire information. The driver also may be incorporated to handle interrupts and DMA.
ActiveX Control
An ActiveX control is a Dynamic link library that can be easily used with Visual C++, Visual Basic and Visual C#. The ActiveX control provides automation to the features of the control. The application developer can easily communicate to the driver by simply calling the methods in the ActiveX control. We usually write an ActiveX control for a driver so the application developer does not need to have a complete understanding of how to interface to a driver. The ActiveX control will manage driver control, read and write functions and pass the data back to the application.
Test Application
All Device Drivers and Active Controls are delivered with a Test Application and source code. This Test Application can be easily converted into a manufacturing test and be used as an example for a user application.
The Test Application will be able to Poke and Peek registers, test interrupt conditions and perform DMA transfers with verification. These examples will be available for an application designer to reference.