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Providing hardware and software engineering solutions for computer peripherals and electronic products.
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Hardware Design
Part of our success has been our ability to deliver on budget and schedule.  Below is a list of our Hardware specialty.  We can draw the schematics, layout the boards, and build the prototypes in house.   Upon completion, you will receive all electronic files, prints and detailed documentation.  Most designs come with a driver and manufacture test application.
Embedded Processors

The engineers at iO Engineering have designed systems with embedded controllers since before the company was created. We have experience with 8, 16 and 32 bit controllers. Many designs required USB 2.0 and/or Ethernet. All designs are created to be field upgradeable over USB, Ethernet or some other plug in cable (no more PROMs). We have designed systems with LCD touch screens and have used processors from many vendors for what would seem like every type of application. Some of the systems we designed include exercise equipment, machine vision cameras, security systems, dental equipment, Bench top test equipment and fiber channel storage equipment.

We are proud PLX Partners and have experience using PLX PCIe and PCI devices. If you need assistance developing a data acquisition, I/O Card, or video capture PCI card, let our experience help you get your product to market. We have converted many ISA cards to PCI over the years. We can also convert your old PCI design into a PCI-E Card. We have design cards for such companies as Huntron, Emerson, Identix and Multiwire.
1394 is one of the fastest growing environments today.  It's an ideal interface for video and audio applications.  iO Engineering was part of a design team at Identix that developed the first 1394 FBI approved live scan finger print capture machine.  We also design a 1394 device to measure crystals forming in a vat. Both designs used 1394 for video transmission and control.
USB2 has become one of the more popular buses.  In the past couple of years, iO Engineering has develops more data acquisition design with USB2 than any other bus.  We were key designers of QCardís Mag3 magnetic strip reader/writer and also with the new 3 channel Mag reader. iO Engineering also did USB2 designs that measure fibers in a production facility, test circuit boards, grab dental ex-rays, and record engine performance.
We have designed PCMCIA and CF cards for many different applications.  Including multi function cards, CAN bus cards, frame grabbers, medical cards, and more.  For all these projects, iO Engineering designed an FPGA to do the PCMCIA(CF) bus interface.
FPGA designs are one of the corner stones of our company.  Most applications are data acquisition, video processing, digital signal processing and bus interfaces.  All of our FPGA designs are done in VHDL.. Our company designs with Xilinx and QuickLogic devices.